Tech Camp

My first summer tech camp and I couldn’t have been happier with the teachers and admin help we received at Franklinville the past 3 days. Day 1 was showing projector integration resources and help. Our wiki was just something I threw together quick in the afternoon to give them links. One thing I would’ve liked to have shown them was the new stacking feature with Searchme, but I never got to it.

Day 2 was work with wikis, however, only one teacher showed up, so we looked at blogs and some settings on her SchoolWires blog. With wikis we looked at Wikipedia, I explained how it’s like a whiteboard in the classroom that you can add or erase anything you’d like. Then, she got started on a Wikispaces one for her fellow teachers at her grade level to post and share resources.

Day 3 was a work day where we helped about 9 teachers with whatever they wanted. I ‘tried’ to help with the CPS unit, but mostly helped again with their SchoolWires accounts and School Island which I used quite a bit as a high school math teacher.

Great week, thanks to Franklinville and the admin for all of their help and support this week, I hope to do it again next year.

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  1.    Sheryl A. McCoy Says:

    Sounded like a great way to provide professional development. Thanks for the post.

    BTW, I just checked my wikispaces widget on my blog, and there are more than 90,000 educator wikis now. They have almost reached their 100,000 free wikispaces w/o ads educator accounts. I have to tell my friends not to wait.

  2.    Online College Instructor Says:

    I believe that more people should give online schools a chance.

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