Just trying to formulate thoughts on the “oversaturation” of the web. How many new sites can possibly come out?  I can’t keep track of what I even looked at last week!  .com, .net, .fm, is there a .carls somewhere???

How many times have you had someone say, “Check out this link“, then after clicking on it, I come to realize, not only have I already been there….but I have an account!?!?

Maybe it’s just me.

I remember when I had 15-20 sites on del.icio.us and didn’t share at all.  Now I have over 500 bookmarks!  I will say this, thank goodness for del.icio.us and diigo to share and organize.  Will I ever be able to get caught up?  I mean, physically, is it even possible?  Should I even be trying?  I want to know what is out there, maybe I’m too obsessive-compulsive.

Will this current trend hit another wall and we’ll get “oversaturated” to the point we’ll be spread out all over?   Or do I need to just “find a groove (of certain sites) and make it stick”….sorry couldn’t resist the “CarsDisney quote from Doc Hudson to Lightning McQueen.

Ideas?  Thoughts?  Am I way off base?

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  1.    Tim Clakre Says:


    I feel your pain. That is, one of the pressures of our job is to be “on” all the time and know what’s hot so we can speak about it. At some point I learned that it’s not about the tools. I mean, the tools are cool, but it’s about knowing what you want to do and then using the tool that fits.

    It’s all about THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB. I think it’s exciting that there are so many new sites out there, and it’s impossible to know all of them. I do my best to know as many as I can, and when I new one comes along I try to filter it in my mind regarding what I might need it for. Some tools, I JUST DON’T NEED… BUT a teacher out there somewhere might.

  2.    suzievesper Says:

    Hi Mark,
    After your comment on my blog, I’ve had a play through yours. Lots of useful stuff here! This post really hit a chord with me though. I have had this happen MANY times that I have heard about something on Twitter etc and then gone to the site to sign up and found I was already a member. That is a key reason I set up my wiki at http://educationalsoftware.wikispaces.com so that I could try and keep track of everything but I still find myself completely swapped at times and wondering if I’ll ever completely manage to keep my finger on the pulse. Should this be something that I even attempt to do? Is this a fool’s errand? Too often I find myself in the cycle of find, work out how to use, record and move on. Though the fact I don’t have a class in my role as ICT advisor does make it hard to use some of these things personally. Still, a few things have ‘stuck’. I use Diigo, Ping.fm (to send to Plurk and Twitter), Flickr, Edublogs (though I agree that formatting can be difficult), CC searches such as compfight.com, PictureTrail, VoiceThread, all of the Google tools, and key Firefox extensions almost on a daily basis. Some new things do get added to this repertoire but I think I can only juggle a certain number at a time. Often when I trip over something again, I find a new burst of enthusiasm for it just as I do for a clothing item buried in the bottom of a cupboard that comes to light and then it becomes a regular tool. This is the case for Flickr, Twitter and a few of the tools I now regularly use. I think we all need more than one attempt at using things at times for this use to embed. I have rambled on! Talk soon :-)

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