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I do love this site.  You are able to upload pictures, video or even a worksheet, then once you create a free account (by the way, educators get a free Pro account!  Saves you $60!!!) you can leave a comment next to the picture (I will call what you upload a picture from here on in) from a given avatar or picture of yourself.  You can do a text box about the picture, you can record your voice, you can do a video recording of yourself talking, you can call another phone and have them comment, or you can upload a podcast from your computer.  OH YEAH, there is also a pen that will let you draw on the picture!!!  This pen can either fade or stay permanent while you talk/write.

There are tons of possibilities.  I have done a few Voicethreads with family pictures and have my son talk about us.  I have done some screen captures of new websites and done short tutorials.

Right now, I have created a free account for ANYONE who signs in with the username(e-mail) [email protected] and password:  voicethread.  They can then go to see it here.

Some of the other good VT sites I know about:

Voicethread4education Wiki

Here’s a VT I saw from a math teacher with her students.


Looking for a virtual Voicethread community for Voicethreads in the classroom?


From Liz B. Davis and her 21Century wiki:

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    I love voicethread and thought you might like to see the things I’ve made with info about voicethread.

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