Google Tools with Rick Weinberg

One of my main goals many months ago was to become an “expert” on Google Tools and maybe even apply to go to the Google Teacher Academy (GTA)……however, I have not been as good on that goal as I would like to have been.  My realization was the workshop Rick Weinberg put on today for area educators on Google Tools

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Rick created a Google Sites page (Google’s wiki service) with YouTube videos showcasing many of the Google Tools and then gave the participants time for questions and more discovery of these tools.

Some of the things that I learned today:

Thanks Rick for your insight…..and PATIENCE!

Anyone else have a favorite Google Tool?  I do like building a custom search engine and also like to work more with Google Sketchup!

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3 Responses to “Google Tools with Rick Weinberg”

  1.    Skip Zalneraitis Says:

    I am so glad it went well in the workshop for you and Rick!!! Thanks for the explication.

  2.    milobo Says:

    Google Tools – there are so many great ones out there! I’m an iGoogle fan and have it set as my homepage. The Google Tool I use the most, though would have to be Google Docs. I’ve gotten to the point where I use it more often than any other text editor since it’s easy to send invites to others so we can write collaboratively.

  3.    Mark Carls Says:

    @SkipZ and @milobo,
    I appreciate the posts as I try to cut out more time to blog. I was using Google Docs more last year, but have gotten away from most of these tools. It was nice to be reminded of these. Now I need to get all of my different Google accounts down to just one!

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