Working with 4th graders and iMovie today.

     Rick Weinberg let me stay and work with some 4th graders from GVCS today.  The students have been working on this project the majority of the year, and Rick has been in from time to time to help them work with some of their information.  These students came today with photos, video and audio about the Seneca Indians and the Kinzua Dam, and were working to compile it into one iMovie video. 

Since I’m just starting to get more Mac-savvy, I learned quite a bit!    

     Rick had 12 students come over to our offices in Salamanca, NY, and had them working on 6 Mac Mini computers that were already set up.  They paired up and worked on different sections from:  still pictures and drawings, to a video from an assembly of Native Americans this year at their school, to a video of a police officer talking at their school, to a video of minitaure log homes(they built) burning, to the final steps and effects (including the closing credits with all the students names and voices about the Kinzua Dam).

     Rick helped the students paste everything together, and is currently on the final steps of completing the video where they can showcase their work at the end of the year.  Then, their teacher can give each student a copy of the complete video.  It was amazing to see how much these 4th graders picked up in such a short time.  I wasn’t even doing this stuff in college!  The reporter who came out to cover the event (much younger than myself), from the Olean Times Herald, mentioned he didn’t do this stuff until he was in college!  Now, it is up to Rick the Incredible to get the final pieces together!  Better you than I, friend.

Working with a Mac

     Interesting that @ijohnpederson today wrote a post about Digital Storytelling today on his blogJohn Pederson links to another blog about how posters and PowerPoints are cute, but we could be “moving” students to more digital media projects like the project Rick had the students do today.  From John Pederson’s blog you will find a link to Christian Long’s, and then to Dan Meyer’s blog showing a Radiohead videoabout Child Labor and shows how they split the video in half showing an child from another nation and one from the US going through their day.  These kids out here in today were in 4th grade!  I could start to see how engaged they were when they were working on their portion of the iMovie project and invested they were in completing it (time just got in the way).  I believe they have already started to make the “move” towards the type of video John, Christian, and Dan blogged about recently. 

     It is STILL amazing to me everyday how easy it is becoming with technology to create, collaborate and share ideas, thoughts, and material.   Please share your thoughts. 

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    I picked up your blog by following you in Twitter.
    Great job on the Voki.
    Thank you for all the quality blogs post you are sharing!

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